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Design Tips

UltiPlay’s “Top Ten” Design Tips for a Successful Park or Playground

  1. The Concept:  Get a clear picture of your project, including target age of users and their needs.
  2. Consider accessibility needs and Inclusive Play in siting and designing your project.
  3. Identify your project budget, including site preparation, surfacing, installation and miscellaneous materials and not just the equipment.
  4. Identify the site or location best suited for your project and accessible to all visitors.  Consider topography, parking, proximity, visibility and maintenance.
  5. Don’t overlook site preparation and how your playground will be built.  Are you “excavating down” for a flush transition or “building up” onto the existing grade.  There are pros and cons to each option as they relate to aesthetics and budget.
  6. Consider the various types of safety surfacing material early in the design process as they significantly impact your project’s budget, future maintenance and your site’s accessibility needs.
  7. Determine the method by which your project will be built.  Will it be a community-build or a turnkey installation?  There are also options “in between” and all have an impact on your budget and project success.
  8. Select equipment to fit your objectives and your site and don’t hesitate to ask kids what they want in their park or playground.  They’re the ones that will be using it.
  9. Prepare a plan for completion of your project, including timeline and the help needed to implement your timeline.  You can’t do it alone!
  10. Get some help!  UltiPlay provides free professional consultation and design services for all aspects of your project.  We provide detailed site analysis, CAD-based site design and layout for all aspects of your project, big or small.  Also contact our references as they’ve been through the process and can potentially provide invaluable information as you move forward. No need to “reinvent the wheel”!

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